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Reference Documents

This webpage will have documents or resources that might be of interest to the community

Links to documents, reference materials or information

If you have any links to reference material or documents that would be useful for others in our community please let us know.

The Center Open House

On September 9, 2023, GCCI held an Open House for The Center - "A Place to Meet" which will help meet the need of the community for a space to gather for meetings, events, and celebrations. For more information on how to reserve space at the facility contact us at

For details on the Open House please follow the link below

Sewer Rate Reductions 

Liberty Utilities proposed rate increases for Gold Canyon and Entrada Del Oro sewer customers. The previous sewer rate adjustments were made in 2008 and 2016. The final settlement turned out much different than the original submission by Liberty Utilities and 98% of Gold Canyon residents will see a sewer rate reduction. Gold Canyon residential customers will see their bill reduced by over 9% on average.

Application for GCCI Board of Director

This is the application format for nomination to be considered by the nomination committee of the GCCI Nominating Committee.

Sleepy Hollow Trail Traffic Study

A traffic study was conducted in the summer of 2022 to provide information for a decision on the connection road from the Peralta Canyon subdivision and Sleepy Hollow Trail. 

Presentation on the Sleepy Hollow Trail & Peralta Canyon road

This presentation was given to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors giving options for the board to on which option to implement with the Sleepy Hollow Trail and Peralta Canyon subdivision connecting road controversy.

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