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Dark Sky Designation Project

In a recent survey where the residents of Gold C.anyon were asked to list their top three concerns, the concept of a dark skies community came at number two. To help implement this effort GCCI is helping to organize a committee to work on this issue. If you would like to join in on this discussion and help with getting our area designated as a Dark Skies Community click on the button below to send us an email


We are not alone. There are several cities, towns, and unincorporated areas in Arizona that have achieved a Dark Skies Designation. We can draw on their examples and hopefully their advice to move towards this goal here in our community and perhaps beyond in Pinal County.

Several Arizona Communities Already on Board:


The process is a multi-year effort and will require assistance from Pinal County and surrounding communities.

We've had interest expressed by the Town of Superior, Queen Valley, and Oracle who want to join in our efforts to install a region-wide dark sky area.

ASU Analysis of Pinal County Lighting ordinance and the IDK requirements.

Introductory Presentation on the Pinal County Dark Sky Region Proposal.


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