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Community Survey of Needs

The completed community survey results were presented to Gold Canyon residents on December 13th of 2021. To view the presentation click here:

Oct 9 Meeting Kickoff.jpg

ASU Study Kick-Off Community Meeting
October 9th 2021


To view a video recording of the meeting please click on this YouTube link: 

Gold Canyon Community Inc. held an in-person Community Meeting at the Gold Canyon Resort on Saturday, October 9th. The program described the community survey being conducted with Arizona State University (ASU) in a project designed to provide factual data and recommendations as part of Pinal County's proposal to produce a Gold Canyon development plan to meet the community's long-range needs. Approximately 50 persons were in attendance.

The process for the ASU study, the involvement of the Pinal County government, and the timeline of events for Gold Canyon residents' participation were presented. There was over an hour dedicated to answering questions from those in attendance.

Note: since the video is almost two hours long, below are some navigation points if you want to skip to specific areas of interest in the video.

  • At 4:53 minutes Lester Chow of Pinal County Community Development

  • At 8:23 minutes Jeff Serdy, Supervisor District 5

  • At 16:15 minutes Dr. Praharaj's presentation on the ASU study

  • At 36:40 minutes Maxine Brown shares the timeline for the development of a Community Plan

  • At 40:33 minutes James Daniels Pinal County Communications Director

  • At 46:21 minutes Roberto Reveles discusses the origins of GCCI

  • At 56:00 minutes Q & A starts

ASU Class Timeline.jpg
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