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Superior, AZ Trail & Recreation Information


Superior, Arizona is a historic town located east of Gold Canyon, AZ.  Superior, which is in northern Pinal County, is the oldest town in that county.  Superior was founded as a mining town for the Silver King and the later Magma mines; silver was mined at first, and then transitioned to copper.   


The town and surrounding area are popular destinations for tourists (dining and historical interests) and outdoor enthusiasts (off-roading, hiking).

Legends of Superior Trail – There is a significant network of trails in the area of Superior, including a section of the Arizona National Scenic Trail (Superior is considered a “Gateway” community to the trail).  The City of Superior has produced a map of trails in the vicinity of the community, known as the “Legends of Superior Trail”. 

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches over 800 miles across the entire length of the state, from the U.S.-Mexico border to Utah.  The trail can be hiked in its entirety, or accessed at various points for hiking of segments.

The Arizona Trail is administered by the U.S. Forest Service and its partners.  There are approximately 100 miles of the Arizona Trail within Pinal County, with the county managing approximately 50 miles of that.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum is the oldest and largest botanical garden in the state of Arizona. It is one of the oldest botanical institutions west of the Mississippi River. Founded in 1924 as a desert plant research facility and “living museum”, the arboretum is located in the Sonoran Desert on 392 acres along Queen Creek and beneath the towering volcanic remnant, Picketpost Mountain. Boyce Thompson Arboretum is on U.S. Highway 60, an hour's drive east of Phoenix and 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Superior, Arizona.

The Arboretum has a visitor center, gift shop, research offices, greenhouses, a demonstration garden, a picnic area, and numerous trails that lead visitors through the Arboretum grounds.

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