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Gold Canyon Community, Inc. is a non-profit organization operating as a 501(c)3, organized under Arizona statutes and registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Our board of directors is comprised of concerned residents of Gold Canyon who have lived here for various periods, ranging from two to thirty-plus years. Some are native-born Arizonans, others moved here from other states. Some are retirees, others are still actively employed full-time. If you would like to join our Board of Directors please submit this application form.

The Board of Directors brings experience from the private and public sectors with diverse activities and skills - entrepreneurs, urban and rural planners, natural resource developers, conservationists, promoters of the arts, educators, communicators, civic group advocates, neighborhood activists, public policy analysts, appointed and elected public service practitioners.

All of our volunteers are committed to using our private and public sector experiences to enhance the quality of life for our community by sustaining an effective formal working relationship between our unincorporated Gold Canyon community and the Pinal County Board of Supervisors which is responsible for providing essential public services to the entire county. General membership is open to all residents.

We publicize our activities by using all available social media and communications outlets in addition to notifying all persons who request to be placed on our distribution list.

The top priority issues we are currently engaged in are:

  1. Wilderness and Open Space Conservation

  2. Responsible Development, and

  3. Transportation and Safety.

  4. Helping to build a common sense of Community


These priorities were identified using public surveys which we distributed to over 7500 Gold Canyon residents and were later verified with a later survey in 2021 with over 1200 respondents.

We pursue these objectives through working committees on planning, transportation, and safety, conservation and aesthetics, and business partners; all of which help promote marketing, membership, and community liaison. Our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals depends on and welcomes volunteers from our Gold Canyon community.


If you have an interest in our community activities please join us.

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