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Superstition Mountain Trails &Recreation


There are many trails in the Gold Canyon area, too many to list.  It is wise to get a trail application (app) on your smartphone that you can use to search for trail opportunities to: evaluate the difficulty relative to your abilities, use it for navigation while you hike (it can be easy to get lost in desert trails), track your performance, and to read the trail reviews posted by others.

Here are some ideas for trail apps (not in any particular order):

  • AllTrails

  • National Park Trail Guide


  • PeakVisor

  • Seek by iNaturalist

  • Guthook Guides

  • Hiking Project


There are more, but individuals need to evaluate what works best for them. Download any of these apps where you normally purchase your apps.


Here is a list of trails in the Gold Canyon area that were not already mentioned previously.  Most trail apps allow you to search your area for trails…there are more.

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