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ASU Study Elements

The land-use study of Gold Canyon began on January 10, 2022, and is slated to be completed in April of 2022. There are 36 international graduate students signed up for this master-level class with backgrounds in sustainability, conservation, architecture, transportation, and other associated fields of study in urban and land use planning. Gold Canyon was the one community out of 42 requesting a study that was selected for this process.

Gold Canyon Visit

On January 25, 2022, the students visited our community to get an overview of the surrounding area ad to meet some of the residents and stakeholders. Many of the students had never been to Gold Canyon or this part of Arizona and felt it was of tremendous value to visit the study area. (see comments below)

Community Input

During the study we anticipate opportunities for input by the community for proposed plans being developed. 

The Study Results

Study results/plans will be shared and the process for implementing plan elements will begin.

Student Comments on visit

ASU Study Overview

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 12.32.35 PM.png

     This study by ASU was initiated and coordinated with the Pinal County Community Development Department with the idea that with future development happening all around our community it would be prudent to have an overall plan for Gold Canyon that addressed the desires and needs of the residents. 

     GCCI had conducted a survey in 2019 as a basis of a needs assessment for the community and found areas of concern in the community for the overall aesthetics, transportation and safety, and more input into county planning efforts.

     Initially, GCCI approached the county to perform an area study similar to the San Tan Valley study. The county didn't agree that a study on that scale could be done in Gold Canyon. The county worked with GCCI in an alternate method by asking the Arizona State University (ASU) to take this analysis on as a class project. And they did. 

     GCCI and the county worked throughout 2021 to bring this project to fruition. 

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