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Program Description

Introduction Presentation

Water conservation means increasing the efficiency of water use, decreasing water waste, and maintaining our high quality of life. Looking to the future of the community, it is critical that we as water users are informed, educated, and empowered to manage our water resources so that the community can continue to thrive. 

The Water: More Precious than Gold program is a demand management program built especially for Gold Canyon. A demand management program is a water conservation program with one important distinction: it expects the water utility to increase efficiency and decrease waste just like the community. This program takes a close look at the existing water conservation efforts put forth by the utility as well as the current water conservation ethic within the community and looks to build new elements that will effectively engage with water users. Those elements are a public engagement program through Facebook, large landscape water audits for commercial water users, and quarterly presentations on various water-related topics relevant to the community. 

The PointPoint presentation introducing the program

Information and tips for conserving water

Some history and discussion on the Colorado River and the water shortage issues

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